Favourite places to eat: Helm Ston

I love everything about Helm Ston in Brighton. The owner and staff are really friendly and love babies and they don’t mind if she has a stroll around and pops through the hatch to have a look in the kitchen.  The decor is ‘quirky’ but not in a contrived hipster way and there’s lots of old mirrors for the babba to look at. The food is amazing, unusual and great value. The cakes are like none I’ve ever seen before, beautifully presented, full of nutritious ingredients and not sickly sweet. It’s vegetarian but not completely vegan but most of the cakes are, and the mains can normally be made vegan if they aren’t already. The food is simple but full of flavour – things like dahl and rice which the babba loves to eat, and gado gado. If you go make sure you try a fresh juice or Peruvian hot chocolate too.The only downsides are that it is tiny, so is mainly a takeaway venue, but if you go early and it’s only you and a little one you should be able to squeeze inside and it’s very cosy, just don’t turn up with a big family and expect to sit in. But there are parks nearby where you can munch on your takeaway box.


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