The dream vs the reality

I am a food purist, of the vegan, local, organic kind. I obviously never touch anything non-vegan as I have been vegan for nearly 25 years but I also find it very hard to eat anything non-organic and avoid processed foods whenever I can for environmental, ethical and health reasons. When I was pregnant I would imagine all the lovely homemade food I would prepare for my babba. I vowed she would not touch sugar until she was at least two and instead of making porridge with soya milk I would use my own pumped breast milk. Suffice to say that is not what happened….Cooking dinner at all is generally a challenge. In the first few months I was too exhausted to cook or even to eat most of the time. Being a single mum, with family far away, I had no one to help me most of the time, apart from a few kind friends, so I survived on takeaways a lot. Breast feeding takes all your energy and even now at 21 months she feeds a lot of the day and when she’s not feeding she’s often asleep on me so I can’t move to get food or even a glass of water. Anyway I don’t want to start this blog being all negative and self absorbed but I do now understand why people eat ready made foods! So this blog is not going to be all home fermented hemp yoghurt, as sometimes you just need something you can make in 5 minutes and that you don’t have to wash up afterwards…


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