Hooray for vegan coleslaw!

I am very excited as my babba has actually eaten a raw vegetable, well lots of them in fact, all thanks to the wonder of coleslaw. Despite being a full fledged vegan she doesn’t actually like eating vegetables yet and mainly survives on nuts, carbohydrate and beans.  A lot of parents seem to worry about the lack of vegetable eating at this age but I think there must be a perfectly logical reason for it, we just don’t know what it is. I think it is partly an evolutionary protective mechanism, as when babies get older and venture out and forage for themselves they need to be wary of new foods, particularly bright colours and bitter tastes. When she was weaning she ate lots of cooked vegetables, but has since stopped eating anything and has never really taken to raw ones. However, she does loves mayonnaise so I’ve discovered that once smothered in the stuff it seems she’ll eat anything, this is probably blatantly obvious to every other parent…I made my coleslaw with red cabbage, carrot, tiny bit of onion and apple, sliced very thinly and cut in half so the bits weren’t too big. I also like adding celeriac sometimes, or kohlrabi. I use Plamil organic mayonnaise but dilute with a bit of cider vinegar and olive oil as I find it too thick.


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  1. jennitoto says:

    Aw man, this would have worked wonders on my second baby (she’s six now), as she was a mayo fiend. My current ‘little’ hates sauce and anything with a slimy texture, she survives mostly on berries, dry cereal, pb sandwiches and boob milk. I still might try it on 6yo though!

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