Vegan hot dogs in Hastings!

We were very excited to be invited to test out the new vegan hot dogs at the recently opened Palace Beer Hall and Hotdog Emporium. This is on the site of the old Pig in Paradise and all I can say is it’s a great improvement. If gentrification means you can go out somewhere that doesn’t smell of stale beer and cleaning fluid then I’m all for it…* The decor is clean and modern, and the layout is great for kids as there are big wooden tables and benches – which babba could sit on without needing a high chair – and there is space to run around a bit as well without getting in everyone’s way. They also have crayons and colouring in sheets, and sharpeners! yes sharpeners! although they may not last long….


Coming down to the food, we sampled the vegan hot dog, there is only one variety at the moment, which came with coleslaw, sauerkraut and fried onions, I think. We also had fries which came with vegan mayo. They are adding vegan coleslaw to the menu soon and also possibly vegan ice cream. I would have loved to try the beans but unfortunately those had bacon in. The hotdog was very tasty and the fillings were all good, although I could have done with even more sauerkraut. Some have accused the buns of being dry but personally I think they need to be, to soak up all the sauces and fillings, and not end up soggy. The fries were particularly good and not too salty, as they are in a lot of places. You can add your own chilli flakes or rosemary as desired.  The babba enjoyed eating some of the sausage and bun, and loads of chips. As this is a beer hall they also have a great range of vegan beers including Freedom Brewery and Brew Dog. I had a taster of a few of the Freedom lagers which were all good. I am not a big drinker, so I would much rather have a half of something quality. It cost about £10.80 for a hotdog, fries and a juice which I think is reasonable for a meal out and compares well with other similar eateries. It is also in a great location near to town, the Pier and the beach. I think it is a great place for parents and kids as you actually feel like you’re going out out and it’s a relaxing and friendly environment.


* NB I don’t think this is what gentrification is and I am not really all for it but I think it is something that new businesses such as this are often accused of being part of, which is why I used the term.


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  1. Jonathan says:

    Yummo! Better go and check it out – what a hassle that will be.


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